A former senior employee of a manufacturing enterprise was dismissed with cause. Subsequent to his departure it was discovered that he had recently opened a competing company nearby and that the client’s business was steadily losing clients. When it was discovered that documentation, equipment and other items were going missing from the plant, and an incident of harassment of staff outside the premises took place, Intelysis was called in to assist.

While the Intelysis team began work investigating the various issues and events, it was clear that security needed to be enhanced, and a strategic plan was developed to install a series of overt cameras outside the premises. These cameras worked both as a deterrent as well as to gather evidence in the event of further loss of equipment and assets. Once the cameras were in place, our professionals went to work at night to install covert infrared cameras inside the office where documents crucial to the survival of the company were stored. Whilst the overt cameras successfully deterred any further thefts, the covert cameras within the premises told a different story.

The cameras captured a second employee working unusual hours late into the night, and it was subsequently established that he was working together with the terminated employee to remove vital information from inside the client’s business. With the evidence gathered by the Intelysis team, a report was made to the police, and further action for civil recovery was also made. The second employee was forced to return the copied documents and was subsequently terminated.