Mob Money

Intelysis was retained to assist in a complex investigation involving billions of dollars of missing IMF loans, corrupt governments, crooked politicians and international intrigue on a grand scale. Our task was to trace missing funds, identify front companies and locate the bank accounts that they controlled.

Our investigation spanned the globe. It included working in secretive offshore banking havens from Cyprus and The Channel Islands to the British Virgin Islands, Mauritius and the Seychelles. We successfully identified a series of carefully constructed money laundering operations together with the front men who ran them and some of the hidden accounts where the stolen funds had been stashed. With the information provided by Intelysis, our client was able to bring their case to a satisfactory conclusion.

Nothing to Lose

An existing Intelysis client had recently ended a business relationship with a partner in Germany after the partner’s repeated failure to pay what it owed. After a review it became clear that our client had been defrauded, and wanted to sue. Before launching an expensive and time consuming international legal battle, the company retained Intelysis to examine the background and assets of the corporation and its principals in Germany to determine the chances of a successful recovery.

The results of the investigation were more telling in what they did not reveal than in what they did. For example the company was found to be located in Liechtenstein and not Germany where there was no trace of it in its purported location. Further searches revealed that the company had not carried on legitimate business for 20 years, and it’s “office” was the address of a patent office in Vaduz.

Despite this, the principal had however remained the same and was confirmed to be the person with whom our client had been dealing. When a comprehensive asset trace was conducted on this individual it was discovered that the principal did not own his residence, but rented in Germany and had been doing so for the better part of two decades. There were no bank accounts listed for the subject or his wife in Germany and the bank account listed for his company was virtually empty. The subject and his business had clearly prepared for this eventuality, and on paper at least were essentially without substance.

Whilst there were further options to consider, our client took a careful look at the whole picture and decided that the time and costs involved in pursuing the case were not worth it for the loss incurred and the probable returns. The clients wisely chose to cut their losses and move on.

Swimming in Cash

Our client, a sophisticated financial entity, had taken a major loss with a client on a margin call to the tune of $40 million. With a legal battle about to ensue, and significant financial and reputational damage in the offing, Intelysis was retained to establish the net worth of the debtors in order to pursue recovery.

Our research team looked long and hard at the debtors and after an extensive search uncovered an intricate web of holding companies and postal addresses that were being used to move and conceal funds. By the end of our investigation, we had identified a number of bulging bank accounts, as well as over $120 million in real estate holdings carefully protected behind a wall of interlinked front companies.

With this data in hand, our client was able to pursue a successful legal strategy to recover the monies owed and their company and reputation were saved.

Security Installation

A former senior employee of a manufacturing enterprise was dismissed with cause. Subsequent to his departure it was discovered that he had recently opened a competing company nearby and that the client’s business was steadily losing clients. When it was discovered that documentation, equipment and other items were going missing from the plant, and an incident of harassment of staff outside the premises took place, Intelysis was called in to assist.

While the Intelysis team began work investigating the various issues and events, it was clear that security needed to be enhanced, and a strategic plan was developed to install a series of overt cameras outside the premises. These cameras worked both as a deterrent as well as to gather evidence in the event of further loss of equipment and assets. Once the cameras were in place, our professionals went to work at night to install covert infrared cameras inside the office where documents crucial to the survival of the company were stored. Whilst the overt cameras successfully deterred any further thefts, the covert cameras within the premises told a different story.

The cameras captured a second employee working unusual hours late into the night, and it was subsequently established that he was working together with the terminated employee to remove vital information from inside the client’s business. With the evidence gathered by the Intelysis team, a report was made to the police, and further action for civil recovery was also made. The second employee was forced to return the copied documents and was subsequently terminated.

Vital Evidence

During a large and complex shareholder dispute case involving lengthy civil litigation, Intelysis was providing investigative and forensic accounting services to our client, one of the two owners of the company. Our work uncovered a number of fraudulent schemes carried out by the other owner, and the evidence gathered was presented to the civil courts. Having reviewed the information, the judge issued a series of Anton Pillar orders allowing the search of a series of business and residential premises across the country.

Whilst this complex operation was taking place in the presence of officers of the court, it was necessary to place both the other partner and several of the premises under surveillance to ensure that evidence was not removed in contravention of the court order. While the search party, and the counsel for both parties were on route to the residence of the opposing partner, our surveillance operatives observed an individual exiting the partner’s house, and placing something into the trunk of her car. This information was quickly communicated to the search team, and once all parties arrived at the premises, the opposing counsel was confronted with this newly gained intelligence.

With the consent of all parties, the vehicle was searched, revealing a laptop computer carefully concealed in the trunk of the vehicle. The computer was seized as evidence, and a subsequent review revealed that it held crucial evidence that later aided our client in the successful settlement of the law suit against the opposing party.

All the way to the bank

An individual who committed a fraud against an Asian financial institution was on the run from justice and fled to Canada. Intelysis Corp was retained to track down the subject who was believed to be living in the Vancouver area. After an in-depth investigation, and surveillance at various locations in and around Vancouver, it was discovered that the subject was no longer residing in the province of British Columbia.

Switching the focus of the investigation to elsewhere in Canada, the Intelysis team picked up his trail in Toronto and a team of mobile surveillance operatives was dispatched to locate the target. The fugitive was located and photographs were sent back to the client in Asia, who quickly confirmed that we had found our man. With this news the surveillance program was extended for several days to identify the subject’s activities.

During the surveillance operation, besides identifying family members, and associates of the subject, our surveillance operatives also observed the subject entering several different financial institutions around the city. This information was communicated back to the client, and aided in the subsequent recovery of the stolen funds through civil action.

Falsely Accused

The legal representatives of a dentist accused of sexually harassing his former receptionist contacted Intelysis for help in a lawsuit that had been threatened against him. In addition to accusing him of molesting the complainant, the suit also alleged that another former employee had suffered the same fate, and used this as evidence of similar facts to support the allegations.

As an impartial party, Intelysis was retained to interview the other former employee. Having contacted her and explained the situation, we were able to obtain her consent to conduct a formal interview. The results of the interview would be used to either support or refute the claims made against the dentist, a situation that he gladly agreed to.

Employing our extensive interviewing experience Intelysis was able to obtain a full statement from the former employee which as it turned out, fully supported the defendant’s position and showed that the former receptionist’s claims were false. When it became clear that at least some of the allegations made in the suit were untrue, the remaining evidence submitted by the complainant was subjected to much greater scrutiny by the courts, exposing the suit as unwarranted, resulting in a satisfactory outcome for our client.