There are many reasons to conduct a forensic examination of a computer hard drive ranging from determining what data exists on it to bypassing a password protected or encrypted file. Intelysis uses the most current forensic tools to ensure that the data being accessed is not compromised, altered or modified and that its admissibility in a court of law is carefully maintained.

Intelysis specializes in recovering and presenting data in fraud and white collar crime cases where the information recovered can provide invaluable leads and evidence, but the skills and techniques of our professionals can be applied in a range of scenarios. We approach each engagement as if it could result in litigation. As a result, we take measures to ensure the chain of custody for potential evidence and ensuring the data can be presented in court as evidence.

In the majority of these types of case, the fundamental issues are the examination of target computer systems and networks, the retrieval (seizure) and duplication of evidence in a format acceptable for use in court (mirroring) and the subsequent analysis of the seized materials to identify valuable elements. The final step in such matters will inevitably be the production of a report outlining the findings, and potentially, the presentation of the findings as expert testimony in court.

Appropriate Use Audits

Employees regularly and frequently use their office computer for non-business purposes, raising genuine concerns that their actions may be creating a liability for you and your company. Recent headlines have shown the reputational damage that this can cause. Intelysis has the ability to quickly and economically conduct an appropriate use audit on a computer. At the conclusion of the audit, we will provide you with information you need to help you determine whether the individual has violated company policy or otherwise used the computer for an improper purpose.

Data Production

Data stored on a computer provides insight into what the user has done with the computer. Unbeknownst to most users, the operating system itself, together with the software programs, stores a tremendous amount of data on the hard drive chronicling the user’s daily activities. Intelysis can provide you with all of the data located on virtually any hard drive or other computer media, even data that is thought to have been deleted or wiped. The data can be produced in a variety of ways such as traditional printouts or electronically on CD-ROM or DVD.

Data Recovery

There are many ways in which data may become hidden from the average computer user including deletion of files by the user and automatic deletion of data by the operating system and software. Although the user may think that this information has been ‘deleted’, often it has not, and it actually remains on the hard drive until overwritten. Our examiners, using state of the art forensic methodologies, can recover this ‘lost’ data and reproduce it for use in an internal investigation or in court.

Electronic Discovery & Litigation Support

As the use of computers in business has dramatically increased, so has the use of electronic evidence in court, and as embarrassing and damaging disclosures in the Enron and other high profile cases has demonstrated, it can be devastating. Most cases today require electronic as well as paper discovery, and Intelysis can be an invaluable partner to help ensure that you get it right. Our experts can:

  • Help to determine the possible sources of electronic data you must produce.
  • Ensure opposing counsel is properly complying with your discovery request.
  • Verify that your legal team is able to comply fully with discovery requests.
  • Provide the necessary forensic support to verify that the requirements of federal and state electronic discovery rules are met.
  • Analyse data submitted by opposing counsel to provide evidence and insights for your case.

Encrypted Data Recovery

As security fears regarding the safeguarding of data increase, and the technology to securely encrypt data becomes more readily available, lost passwords have become a growing problem. Scenarios where an important file becomes inaccessible may range from a former employee who forgot to record a password, to a computer crash that destroys critical data. Time spent trying to guess the password is not well spent, using forensic tools; Intelysis can help you gain access to this data in an economical fashion.

Proactive Hard Drive Imaging

In many cases, the fact that a former employee may have participated in troubling activity does not surface until the employee has been gone for some time. By the time the problem has surfaced, the hard drive in the former employee’s computer has been re-issued and someone else is using the computer. Valuable data may have been overwritten or compromised.

Intelysis has a solution for this situation. Using our proactive hard drive imaging service we will create an exact duplicate image of the ex-employees hard drive and store it for you for a period of time. By using this service we will be able to provide you with verifiable information that outlines the activities of the ex-employee.