Globalization has exposed the modern business to a much wider range of risks causing increased vulnerability and the requirement for more a more sophisticated approach to managing the threats that may arise. In order to ensure uninterrupted operations in today’s environment it is imperative that an assessment be conducted to identify possible risks before disaster strikes. By first determining the types of risks that can cause loss of assets, disruption of operations and loss of revenues, and then assessing the probability of such an occurrence, the management team can better protect themselves should such a situation should arise. The risks and threats that exist in the present corporate world today include issues such as;

  • The loss of vital business information from theft or natural disaster
  • Company executives being kidnapped on an overseas trip
  • Corporate espionage, and other unauthorized disclosure of vital trade secrets
  • Internal theft by company employees
  • Deliberate sabotage from competitors
  • False and damaging publicity
  • Litigation and other liabilities