In today’s world, the perception of risk has changed dramatically in the face of threats ranging from criminal activity and acts of terrorism, to political turmoil, and freak accidents caused by natural disasters. Any one of these threats can cause critical damage to a company, their physical infrastructure, personnel or operations through damage, or loss of crucial information and revenue due to down time.

Risk and Security Assessments identify and expose potential risks and vulnerabilities before disaster strikes, allowing forward thinking companies to mitigate risk and prepare suitable crisis strategies. The most common forms of risk associated with today’s businesses are:

  • Criminal Activity
  • International and Domestic Terrorism
  • Civil and Political Disturbances
  • Industrial and Commercial Disasters
  • Natural Disasters
  • Damaging Negative Publicity

Employing its expertise in this field, Intelysis will conduct a full spectrum analysis of the relevant areas. After quantifying the identified risks, Intelysis will then help you implement corrective actions to mitigate the risk of losing your company’s assets. These will include a cost effective plan to improve physical security measures and various contingency and disaster recovery planning.

If you think your company is vulnerable to such risks, please call us for a free consultation.

Crisis Management Planning

Risks, once identified, must be addressed. The development and rehearsal of effective measures to deal with crises is a vital step to ensuring their satisfactory resolution in the event that they do occur. Intelysis can help the senior management team to protect day to day operations, the company and its assets by developing and creating procedures and strategies that will enable them to effectively manage any incident that occurs. Having quantified and prioritized the risks identified, Intelysis will assist in the formulation of an effective strategic and tactical management plan to ensure these risks are properly mitigated and that business operations continue smoothly if a threat occurs.

Risk & Threat Identification

Globalization has exposed the modern business to a much wider range of risks causing increased vulnerability and the requirement for more a more sophisticated approach to managing the threats that may arise. In order to ensure uninterrupted operations in today’s environment it is imperative that an assessment be conducted to identify possible risks before disaster strikes. By first determining the types of risks that can cause loss of assets, disruption of operations and loss of revenues, and then assessing the probability of such an occurrence, the management team can better protect themselves should such a situation should arise. The risks and threats that exist in the present corporate world today include issues such as;

  • The loss of vital business information from theft or natural disaster
  • Company executives being kidnapped on an overseas trip
  • Corporate espionage, and other unauthorized disclosure of vital trade secrets
  • Internal theft by company employees
  • Deliberate sabotage from competitors
  • False and damaging publicity
  • Litigation and other liabilities