In today’s business environment, law enforcement authorities frequently do not have the time or the resources necessary to properly investigate ‘white collar’ crimes against businesses and corporations. To pursue either civil or criminal solutions in such situations requires specialist experience and training. Our investigative, financial and legal professionals have years of experience leading and conducting complex and sensitive investigations, as well as in preparing and presenting cases in both the civil and criminal courts. Our investigators have worked on many complex assignments, including commercial frauds, inventory thefts, stock frauds, partnership disputes and corruption cases, as well as international criminal conspiracies, organized crime syndicates and money laundering operations.

Our investigators are experts at identifying and locating witnesses, conducting interviews and taking witness statements, gathering, handling and presenting evidence, preparing briefs for counsel, and have testified in courts around the world.

If you have a problem that requires special skills and experience … we have the resources to help you.

Anti Money Laundering

Over the past few years, the international effort to combat money laundering has been taken to new levels. Initially the realm of narcotics law enforcement officials, anti-money laundering efforts are now seen as a vital tool against organized crime and terrorism. As a result, wide ranging and powerful laws have been enacted in countries around the world requiring financial organizations of all kinds to take concrete steps to ensure that their services are not used to process illicit funds. Failure to comply with these laws even inadvertently can have disastrous consequences including civil and criminal sanctions, reputational damage and financial penalties.

The keys to success in dealing with these issues are a detailed knowledge of money laundering techniques, laws and prevention as well as the ability to gather and analyze information on clients “Know Your Customer”. With a wealth of experience in law enforcement, fraud investigation and forensic accounting, Intelysis professionals have successfully assisted clients to steer clear of inappropriate clients, develop policies and procedures to deal with money laundering issues, and to investigate situations where inappropriate transactions are suspected.

If you need help or advice to prevent and detect money laundering in your organization, contact Intelysis.

Asset Tracing

The recovery of lost or stolen assets underlies the majority of civil and corporate investigations, and the ability to identify and locate these assets in the hands of wrongdoers is critical. Intelysis has perfected a series of tools and methodologies for accomplishing this task, using a combination of public record research and other specialist tools we have succeeded in tracing illicit funds through some of the most opaque banking systems in the world. From obscure eastern European banks to Caribbean front companies and from land title systems world wide to locating ships and aircraft, Intelysis has an impressive track record of helping clients to identify, locate and recover their assets from the hands of those who hold them unlawfully.

If you need help identifying, tracing, locating or recovering assets…you can rely on Intelysis to get the results you want.

Business Intelligence

Successful companies are proactive; they understand their own strengths and those of their key people and they screen their employees to ensure that they get the best. They know their marketplace and their competitors and use all available information to keep ahead of the game. Through the careful use of due diligence investigations they know their partners, suppliers and agents. However, the market is always changing; sometimes even your best people can change. These changes can lead to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances where you need to know what is going on and what it means for your business.

Every company large or small will eventually face a circumstance where the threat is not from the usual sources. It may be that you notice a key vendor is having internal problems, a foreign company is infringing on your copyright, an employee is appropriating inventory or you have engaged an agent who you worry has a conflict of interest. In addressing these issues and many others, relevant, timely and actionable intelligence can make or break your strategy. Intelysis has the resources, the professionals and the experience to provide you with the critical information you need to apply the appropriate solution to the situation you face.

When you need critical information…fast, Intelysis can help.

Litigation Support

In the business world, litigation in some form is often the end result when companies are involved in disagreements or disputes. Once a situation reaches this point, achieving a quick and satisfactory resolution can mean the difference between the success or failure of the whole enterprise. It is for this reason that litigators and companies across North America have regularly sought the assistance of Intelysis.

Our unique combination of investigative and forensic accounting skills makes Intelysis an invaluable partner in the formation of a successful litigation strategy. We have provided case winning assistance in numerous cases with our innovative and effective strategies. Intelysis can provide the research necessary to understand the opposing side and its personalities, gather and analyze critical evidence and prepare it for effective use in court, and provide expert testimony to underlie defence arguments or undermine faulty offensive strategies.

Our experts have interviewed witnesses, produced critical evidence for the granting of injunctive relief, executed multiple Anton Pillar orders and used them to gather evidence, identified assets and traced stolen funds through complex webs of front companies and fraudulent transactions. Whether you are dealing with a complex fraud or a messy partnership dispute, proving your point in a contract dispute or defending yourself against baseless charges, Intelysis is a crucial partner in the formation of your strategy, gathering of the necessary evidence and presentation of expert and factual evidence in court.

If you are looking for a way to make your case a winner, contact Intelysis for innovative advice and assistance.


Surveillance of premises and people is an invaluable investigative tool, and with the improvements in techniques and surveillance products gained from modern technology, surveillance product can be transmitted worldwide in seconds. Intelysis employs the latest technologies and tools in the legal collection of evidence through surveillance, and has successfully used this evidence in a wide variety of cases. Our network of highly trained operatives worldwide allows us to deploy surveillance resources at short notice, and provide critical electronic and photographic evidence to our clients on a timely basis.

Intelysis also maintains the necessary resources to help our clients in the detection and counteraction of electronic surveillance methods. Our experienced technical surveillance counter measures team has helped clients around the world.

Witness Interviews

The interviewing of witnesses, suspects and a range of other sources forms one of the key elements of any investigations and our staff have extensive experience and training in this field. Interviews can take a wide variety of forms from the consensual assistance of a willing volunteer to the careful extraction of facts from an evasive suspect, but the goal is always the same, to identify the facts and discover the truth. Intelysis professionals have conducted thousands of interviews ranging from witnesses in major crime cases and civil frauds to forensic audits and background investigations, and have received training in many differing interview techniques including investigative hypnosis.

The benefits of having statements taken by highly trained, impartial and seasoned professionals speaks for itself, evidence gathered in interviews by our experts has been successfully used in civil and criminal courts in jurisdictions around the world.

When you need to find the facts Intelysis will get you what you need.