With the reality of terrorism, the possibility of war and the continued threat of natural disasters, every organization must have a comprehensive disaster management plan that is ready to roll at a moment’s notice. Whether dealing with a brief business interruption or a worst-case scenario as we experienced on September 11, the extent of your preparation could determine the future of your business…your employees…and your assets. This full day course is designed for:

  • CEO’s & Executives
  • Security Managers & Directors
  • Facility & Human Resource Managers
  • Emergency Management Professionals
  • Police and Fire Personnel

The course provides hands on advice from the experts on how you can protect yourself and your employees against a possible biological or chemical agent, what steps to follow to ensure your safety, how to create a safe, secure and calm environment, how to utilize advanced training to ensure a safe and calm environment, how to manage staff expectations, fears and questions on disaster and terrorism issues.