In today’s financial environment, conducting investigative background checks is now viewed as an essential element of any effective investment strategy. The basic premise behind the due diligence process is to obtain detailed information about the subject, thereby enabling you to make an informed business decision.


For potential fund managers, we recommend a package that will provide (i) a thorough synopsis of all relevant aspects of the individual’s background and (ii) identify any potential “red flags.” It consists of the following areas of research:

1) Personal Particulars Verification

  • Address Verification
  • Telephone Searches
  • Identity Verification

2) Reputation Issues

  • Litigation, judgment and execution searches
  • Criminal record searches – National, State and County Level (as available)
  • Sex Offender Registry searches (US only)
  • News Media searches
  • Regulatory Enforcement searches

3) Financial Background

  • Bankruptcy Check
  • UCC/Liens searches
  • Credit Bureau Report
  • Corporate Affiliations Searches

4) Background Screening

  • 10 Year Employment History Verification
  • Education and Verification
  • License and Credentials Verification
  • Reference checks
  • Public database analysis

Our team of investigators have over 10,000 databases available to them to research the history of a subject, utilize a nationwide network of court searches, and rely upon Intelysis’s own highly-trained employment screening services department to conduct employment and education verifications worldwide.

If evidence surfaces in our report for which additional investigation is warranted, Intelysis’s team of forensic investigators, lawyers, accountants and computer forensic experts are there to help further vet the information you need to help make an informed business decision about the manager.