Lax Security

The security of an upscale condominium apartment complex was breached by an unidentified intruder who followed one of the residents from the subway. The intruder was able to gain access to the complex through the main lobby of the building and entered the elevator with the young female resident. Once all other residents had left the elevator, the intruder attacked, attempting to sexually assault the resident, but she bravely fought him off, and escaped the incident unscathed.

Intelysis was called upon by the Board of Directors of the condominium to conduct a full investigation into the incident, as well as a Security Audit and Risk Assessment for the condominium complex. A full survey of the building’s security systems and procedures was conducted which quickly identified several areas where both were lacking. The investigation into the incident also identified a number of problems with the security of the condominium that had allowed the breach.

Intelysis made a number of recommendations to eliminate these threats along with suggestions to improve both the physical security equipment as well as the safety and security procedures employed by the condominium. The Board of Directors accepted the recommendations, and quickly made the appropriate changes necessary to prevent the occurrence of similar incidents in the future.