Unfair Competition

Executives with a major European manufacturer were concerned about rumours that a long time supplier was going into direct competition with them. Even more troubling was the fact that the supplier was better positioned geographically to provide the product at a lower cost. With supply contract negotiations imminent, the manufacturer asked us to look into the rumours.

Using a combination of library and online business research sources, the investigators discovered that the supplier had indeed set aside considerable funds for the manufacturing start up, and was financially capable of seeing the project to completion. We moved quickly to gather additional information on building plans, processes, staffing and hires etc by telephone interviews with local officials and other sources, as well as securing environmental impact analyses and a host of other documents.

Not only was the investigation team able to confirm the (now former) suppliers plans to enter into competition with our client, we were able to provide a comprehensive dossier of information about the new operation’s finances, operations, employment plans and sales and marketing strategies. Armed with this information, our client was able to adapt their own plans accordingly, and avoided serious potential downturn in business by staying ahead of the competition.