Forensic accounting typically has two primary areas of focus: litigation support and investigative accounting. The standard of care applied allows the forensic accountant’s report to be admitted into evidence in a court of law. If called upon, the forensic accountant will also provide expert testimony as to his or her findings and opinion.

Intelysis forensic accountants provide the perfect blend of experience, investigative mindset, natural curiosity, intuition and unsurpassed attention to detail. This superior level of diligence means that Intelysis is often engaged to resolve some of the most complex financial disputes and problems around the world.

Damages calculations

In cases of financial loss, litigation matters often require a calculation of lost revenues and lost profits. These calculations are subject to intense scrutiny by the courts, and in particular, by competing experts. As such, Intelysis approaches each assignment with extreme objectivity and tremendous forethought. Key components are developing the profit model and identifying critical assumptions. In the final analysis, our damages calculations are often readily accepted by all parties involved, resulting in an effective settlement for our clients.

Forensic Auditing

The methodologies used by forensic accountants differ from traditional accounting and auditing techniques. A typical attestation engagement does not apply the same rigour as a forensic audit might. In cases where Internal Audit departments have identified a cause for concern during their internal reviews, sophisticated techniques are necessary to hone in and pinpoint the cause for concern.

Intelysis has conducted numerous forensic audits for corporations and governments. These forensic audits have in many cases identified fraudulent activities conducted by employees, contractors and vendors. The Intelysis forensic audit also gathers the evidence necessary to proceed to the next step, be it termination or litigation. In addition, our forensic audits also provide valuable insights and recommendations that are applied by management to mitigate or eliminate future exposures.

Fraud Examinations

The most complex part of any fraud is unravelling the activities of financial wrongdoing. Fraud examinations result in evidence that speaks to fact, and that uncovers the deception and guile used by the perpetrators of the fraud. Following the trail and piecing together the evidence requires careful attention to detail and perseverance. The success of every fraud examination relies on our ability to leave no stone unturned.

Intelysis takes pride in its abilities to uncover the most complex frauds. It is our investigative mindset, our natural curiosity to reject the obvious, our intuition and the diligence that every forensic accountant at Intelysis embodies that result in our continued successes at uncovering frauds. Our reports present the facts clearly and concisely and are prepared to the exacting standards required by legal counsel and the Courts.

Net Worth Determination

A critical component in litigation matters is the net worth of the defendant, this is particularly important in the decision to actually commence litigation. Subsequent to litigation, this determination is essential to recovery on judgment, as fraudsters often move quickly to make themselves “judgment-proof”. Incremental net worth that exceeds reasonable income of the suspected fraudster is a sure sign to dig deeper.

Intelysis’ investigative abilities at global asset tracing and recovery are utilized to identify legitimate assets that will form part of the net worth determination. This search will also often identify the fraudulent activities undertaken. In fraud matters, determining the net worth of the suspected fraudster is critical when there are inadequate books and records. Our forensic accounting skills combined with our global investigative abilities result in comprehensive net worth determinations that are suitable for Court presentation.

Shareholder Disputes

Many disputes between partners or shareholders require mediation or litigation in the Courts to achieve resolution. Typically, the partners or shareholders cannot agree on fundamental decisions on managing the business, and the end result is likely one buying out the other. Often the dispute revolves around allegations of fraud by one of the partners. The combination of investigative accounting and litigation support is called upon most frequently in such engagements.

Intelysis has developed a credible reputation for resolving such disputes. Whether the matter is purely financial in its assessment or investigative in nature, Intelysis professionals provide the right skills and experience to assess the problem. We gather sufficient and appropriate financial information and evidence, conduct detailed analyzes, and prepare comprehensive reports. Our clients have come to rely upon us for the overall management of their business relationships with their attorney, accountants and bankers.