Over the past few years, the international effort to combat money laundering has been taken to new levels. Initially the realm of narcotics law enforcement officials, anti-money laundering efforts are now seen as a vital tool against organized crime and terrorism. As a result, wide ranging and powerful laws have been enacted in countries around the world requiring financial organizations of all kinds to take concrete steps to ensure that their services are not used to process illicit funds. Failure to comply with these laws even inadvertently can have disastrous consequences including civil and criminal sanctions, reputational damage and financial penalties.

The keys to success in dealing with these issues are a detailed knowledge of money laundering techniques, laws and prevention as well as the ability to gather and analyze information on clients “Know Your Customer”. With a wealth of experience in law enforcement, fraud investigation and forensic accounting, Intelysis professionals have successfully assisted clients to steer clear of inappropriate clients, develop policies and procedures to deal with money laundering issues, and to investigate situations where inappropriate transactions are suspected.

If you need help or advice to prevent and detect money laundering in your organization, contact Intelysis.