Successful companies are proactive; they understand their own strengths and those of their key people and they screen their employees to ensure that they get the best. They know their marketplace and their competitors and use all available information to keep ahead of the game. Through the careful use of due diligence investigations they know their partners, suppliers and agents. However, the market is always changing; sometimes even your best people can change. These changes can lead to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances where you need to know what is going on and what it means for your business.

Every company large or small will eventually face a circumstance where the threat is not from the usual sources. It may be that you notice a key vendor is having internal problems, a foreign company is infringing on your copyright, an employee is appropriating inventory or you have engaged an agent who you worry has a conflict of interest. In addressing these issues and many others, relevant, timely and actionable intelligence can make or break your strategy. Intelysis has the resources, the professionals and the experience to provide you with the critical information you need to apply the appropriate solution to the situation you face.

When you need critical information…fast, Intelysis can help.