In the business world, litigation in some form is often the end result when companies are involved in disagreements or disputes. Once a situation reaches this point, achieving a quick and satisfactory resolution can mean the difference between the success or failure of the whole enterprise. It is for this reason that litigators and companies across North America have regularly sought the assistance of Intelysis.

Our unique combination of investigative and forensic accounting skills makes Intelysis an invaluable partner in the formation of a successful litigation strategy. We have provided case winning assistance in numerous cases with our innovative and effective strategies. Intelysis can provide the research necessary to understand the opposing side and its personalities, gather and analyze critical evidence and prepare it for effective use in court, and provide expert testimony to underlie defence arguments or undermine faulty offensive strategies.

Our experts have interviewed witnesses, produced critical evidence for the granting of injunctive relief, executed multiple Anton Pillar orders and used them to gather evidence, identified assets and traced stolen funds through complex webs of front companies and fraudulent transactions. Whether you are dealing with a complex fraud or a messy partnership dispute, proving your point in a contract dispute or defending yourself against baseless charges, Intelysis is a crucial partner in the formation of your strategy, gathering of the necessary evidence and presentation of expert and factual evidence in court.

If you are looking for a way to make your case a winner, contact Intelysis for innovative advice and assistance.