The legal representatives of a dentist accused of sexually harassing his former receptionist contacted Intelysis for help in a lawsuit that had been threatened against him. In addition to accusing him of molesting the complainant, the suit also alleged that another former employee had suffered the same fate, and used this as evidence of similar facts to support the allegations.

As an impartial party, Intelysis was retained to interview the other former employee. Having contacted her and explained the situation, we were able to obtain her consent to conduct a formal interview. The results of the interview would be used to either support or refute the claims made against the dentist, a situation that he gladly agreed to.

Employing our extensive interviewing experience Intelysis was able to obtain a full statement from the former employee which as it turned out, fully supported the defendant’s position and showed that the former receptionist’s claims were false. When it became clear that at least some of the allegations made in the suit were untrue, the remaining evidence submitted by the complainant was subjected to much greater scrutiny by the courts, exposing the suit as unwarranted, resulting in a satisfactory outcome for our client.