An individual who committed a fraud against an Asian financial institution was on the run from justice and fled to Canada. Intelysis Corp was retained to track down the subject who was believed to be living in the Vancouver area. After an in-depth investigation, and surveillance at various locations in and around Vancouver, it was discovered that the subject was no longer residing in the province of British Columbia.

Switching the focus of the investigation to elsewhere in Canada, the Intelysis team picked up his trail in Toronto and a team of mobile surveillance operatives was dispatched to locate the target. The fugitive was located and photographs were sent back to the client in Asia, who quickly confirmed that we had found our man. With this news the surveillance program was extended for several days to identify the subject’s activities.

During the surveillance operation, besides identifying family members, and associates of the subject, our surveillance operatives also observed the subject entering several different financial institutions around the city. This information was communicated back to the client, and aided in the subsequent recovery of the stolen funds through civil action.