During a large and complex shareholder dispute case involving lengthy civil litigation, Intelysis was providing investigative and forensic accounting services to our client, one of the two owners of the company. Our work uncovered a number of fraudulent schemes carried out by the other owner, and the evidence gathered was presented to the civil courts. Having reviewed the information, the judge issued a series of Anton Pillar orders allowing the search of a series of business and residential premises across the country.

Whilst this complex operation was taking place in the presence of officers of the court, it was necessary to place both the other partner and several of the premises under surveillance to ensure that evidence was not removed in contravention of the court order. While the search party, and the counsel for both parties were on route to the residence of the opposing partner, our surveillance operatives observed an individual exiting the partner’s house, and placing something into the trunk of her car. This information was quickly communicated to the search team, and once all parties arrived at the premises, the opposing counsel was confronted with this newly gained intelligence.

With the consent of all parties, the vehicle was searched, revealing a laptop computer carefully concealed in the trunk of the vehicle. The computer was seized as evidence, and a subsequent review revealed that it held crucial evidence that later aided our client in the successful settlement of the law suit against the opposing party.